DTI-PSB warned OFWs for Blacklisted Cargo Forwarders worldwide to Safeguard Balikbayan Boxes.


The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has issued a list of unaccredited freight forwarders and consolidators and advised the public, particularly the overseas Filipino workers (OFW) and their consignees not to transact with the companies due to reported complaints of undelivered Balikbayan Boxes.

OFWs who will send their Balikbayan boxes and their consignees in the Philippines should book their packages only with reliable and PSB-accredited freight forwarders and Philippine agents to ensure that their packages will reach its destination, said Victorio Mario Dimagiba, director-in-charge of Philippine Shippers Bureau (PSB).

Foreign principals and cargo consolidators abroad usually have Philippine counterparts, which must be accredited by the PSB if it is a sea cargo forwarder and Civil Aeronautics Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) if it is an air cargo forwarder, a statement from the DTI said.

Senders may verify the company name of Philippine Sea freight forwarder counterpart at www.dti.gov.ph  or they may visit our Philippine Consulate Offices abroad.

Dimagiba also told senders to be aware of very low door-to-door rates offered by foreign principals.

"With low rates, they (foreign principals) do not have enough funds to bear the cost of transporting cargoes, and they fail to remit delivery funds to their Philippine freight forwarders, causing the shipments to be abandoned at the ports and not being delivered to consignees," said Dimagiba.

To avoid being a victim of unscrupulous cargo forwarders, the public is advised to regularly monitor advisories and alerts from DTI-PSB and refer to the blacklist of unaccredited freight forwarders available at offices of Overseas Worker Welfare Administration, Bureau of Customs, DTI-Regional Offices in the Philippines, and for senders abroad, they may visit Philippine Embassies and Consulates, Philippine Trade and Investment Centers (PTICs), Consumer Agencies of Foreign Government and Freight Forwarders Regulating Agencies of Foreign Government.

DTI named the following local freight forwarders/Philippine agents with no DTI-PSB accreditation and are now subject of complaints on undelivered packages:

The following are the local freight forwarders/Philippine agents with no DTI-PSB accreditation and are now subject of complaints on undelivered packages:

  1. 2GO Express Inc (Case No. 2012-09-134)
  2. Aerosend (Case No. 2011-04-163)
  3. Alas Cargo Phil. (Case No 2012-05-57)
  4. Associated Consolidation Express (ACE) (Case No. 2010-05-44)
  5. Dausan International Forwarder (Case No. 2012-09-132)
  6. FACF Parcel Delivery (Case No; 2012-09-142)
  7. FRS Philippine Freight Services Inc. (Case No. 2011-08-238)
  8. International Cargo Forwarder (Case No: 2012-08-125)
  9. J.J. Transglobal Brokerage (Case No. 2012-09-143)
  10. JAR Cargo Forwarders (Case No. 2012-09-126)
  11. Mail Plus Cargo Carriers (Case No. 2012-02-25)
  12. Manila Broker (Case No. 2012-09-144)
  13. Maru Cargo Logistics Phil (Case No. 2012-10-164)
  14. R&M Cargo Services (Case No. 2012-10-155)
  15. Rodah Cargo Manila (Case Nos. 2012-01-15 and 2012-09-140)
  16. South Atlantic Cargo Inc. (Case No. 2012-10-154)
  17. Trico International Forwarding (Phils) Inc. (Case No. 2012-09-141)
  18. VCG Customs Brokerage (Case No. 2012-03-38).

Aside from the local freight forwarders, PSB in the same statement issued names of blacklisted foreign principals and consolidators abroad due to reports of undelivered packages and other violations under PSB Administrative Order No. 6 series of 2005 or the Revised Rules on Freight Forwarding:

List of Blacklisted Foreign Principals

United Arab Emirates:

  1. Al Rodah Marine Cargo,
  2. Cityline Cargo,
  3. Dagupan Cargo Packaging Services,
  4. Express Link Cargo Services and Smooth Express.

United States of America:

  1. AAA Cargo Express Inc.
  2. ABS-CBN Star Kargo
  3. Aerosend
  4. Alas Cargo
  5. Associated Consolidations Express-Ace Cargo
  6. FRS Phil. Freight Services Inc.
  7. Shipping Express
  8. South Atlantic Cargo.

Saudi Arabia:

  1. Cargo Net Worldwide Services- formerly FAL World Express Cargo
  2. Fil Asia Cargo Forwarders Phil
  3. Global Cargo
  4. RJM Freight Cargo Forwarders
  5. WRJ Freight Forwarders
  6. North and South Express Cargo.


  1. Hagibis Express Pte. Ltd
  2. Maru Cargo Logistics (s) LLP


  1. Maharlika Enterpise Cargo Services
  2. SCRL Cargo


  • Bayanihan Express


  • Dausan International Forwarder


  • Ford Cargo International


  • Trico International

Likewise, PSB advised the public to refrain from transacting with the following blacklisted accredited freight forwarding companies which were issued Show Cause Orders by DTI and are subject of complaints regarding balikbayan boxes

  • D' Winner Logistics Phil. Inc  
  • LCSN Express Movers Inc,
  • MC Plus Inc.
  • Transtech Global Phil Inc.
  • Wide wide World Express Corp.

For consignees in the Philippines who have not received their packages from freight forwarders, they may contact DTI (02-751-3330) or go to PSB Office to file an immediate claim or complaint. (DTI/PIA PND)

Philippine Shippers Bureau Contact Numbers

  • +63 -2- 751-0384 Local 3304 to 3307
  • +63-2-751-3304
  • +63-2-751-3305
  • +63-2-751-3306
  • +63-2-751-3307

For more information click this link to access our Philippine Shipper's Bureau  link

NOTE: It is also advice to all OFWs to ask your forwarders in your country where you are situated now "What is the name of their local forwarders here in the Philippines" and check our list if those names are not blacklisted otherwise, refrain from making transactions with them to avoid troubles of your Balikbayan packages. Some of the above Blacklisted Balikbayan Box Forwarders have different branches in other different countries which are not listed above such are South Korea, Japan, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE etc. Note the above list for your reference or download the PDF file in the link below.

To download the PDF File PSB Blacklisted (As of October 2, 2012) Please click this link

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